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  Welcome to HoLLandRover or for short HLR. We are a newly formed business specialising in Land Rover vehicles. Located in Shifnal, Shropshire and set up as an independent we aim to offer many types of Service and Repair to your Land Rover vehicle at competitive rates often coming from menu pricing.

  So……..if you own a Land Rover marque then why not give us a call for friendly discussion about your pride and joy or use the contact page on our website giving us brief detail of your enquiry.

  Do you own a Land Rover that has become old and tired in need of a bit of TLC?……….look no further Land Rover restoration or re-commissioning is our forte’. HLR will work with you from the start, making sure that the project is kept within our agreed budget and timeline even offering a photographic record of the project / work detail if so required.

  Sometimes, Land Rover owners start out with good intention to restore their vehicle back to former glory but, for lots of reasons they fail to complete the mission. HLR may be able to help; perhaps the repairs required have become a daunting prospect or out of your skill set. For example, take the gearbox you can still have the fun and experience of removing it but, let us repair / recondition it. This process can be adopted throughout your project, simply remove the units, axles, part axles, engines etc and bring them to us.

  Wiring can bring on many issues and faults especially on older vehicles, not to mention risk (fire or breakdown) if the harness is corroded or well patched from previous repairs, modifications and poorly wired accessory installations. Over the years all of the above is likelihood and sometimes it’s better to start fresh with a replacement wiring loom.  Once again HLR can help, offering you proper advice based on years of experience in auto electrics and of course we can offer diagnosis to existing electrical faults.

  Let us go back in time (well just a little bit) many of you today own vehicles that are running on early ignition systems and good old carburettors or early EFi systems. Yes, I’m talking about those 4 & 6 cylinder petrol engines and it would be rude not to mention the trusty V8. Well, as I said lets go back in time and ask the question………..


  How many of you remember CRYPTON engine tuning?

  Back in the day (so to speak) this process of tuning a petrol engine together with CRYPTON Diagnostics was the only way and done properly the results can be quite staggering. Today it could be said that it is something of the past but is it? Experience’s in engine tuning has also proved to me that there are an awful lot of Land Rover owners out there that believe their vehicle is running how it should and yet they couldn’t be further from the truth. Recognising this HLR offer CRYPTON tuning to all owners of this type of vehicle typically Land Rover Series, Range Rover, Defender, and Discovery 1.

  Treating your vehicle to a CRYPTON engine tune will be very rewarding aside of the fact that your engine will be running as it should, benefits can be had in much improved performance, fuel economy, reduction in engine wear and tear. OH! And yes you could say that you are doing your bit for planet earth by undoubtedly reducing emissions.

  Obviously, diesel engine variants will from time to time require a little specialist help to maintain optimum performance and low emission values if they are to satisfy the more stringent tests now carried out at the annual MOT. Many of the problems that arise in the diesel vehicles are usually maintenance related (or should I say lack of) emphasising the need to be in a service schedule with your vehicle. HLR are well placed to offer advice and carry out both maintenance and repairs to diesel as well fault finding through diagnosis.

  Although these vehicles are globally renowned for strength, durability and an expectancy of longevity………sadly they do corrode. Eventually, your vehicle may start to express corrosion to the chassis, bulkhead or other areas of the body. Our advice would be to have it looked at sooner rather than later. This type of repair may visually look harmless but if left can manifest itself into something that gets out of control. Most repair sections for chassis and body are widely available and HLR will carry this type of repair to a high standard.

  Just before I sign off, I wanted to mention that all vehicles coming into HLR will be offered a complementary Vehicle Health Check (VHC) once again a great way of us offering you a peace of mind as to the condition of your vehicle.


  Please note HLR will extend CRYPTON tuning to other classic vehicles.